Pediatric Holistic Dentistry

Dental Patient If you’re a parent you know that it can be hard to know who to trust to care for your child’s health. has become a bit of a trend, and there are a number of dentists that claim to be holistic, but do not actually follow holistic principles.  Likewise, there are other dentists who follow many holistic principles without claiming the holistic label.

Holistic dentists see the teeth as being one part of the body and an important part of overall health. Further, holistic dentists believe that oral health both impacts and is impacted by other physiological processes. Holistic dentists strive to help their patients achieve the best possible health overall. Here are a few questions you can ask your dentist to find out whether their ideals are in line with holistic principles:

What does the first exam cover? Many pediatric dentists spend less than 10 minutes on the exam which can make it difficult to cover everything that needs to be covered. The dentist should discuss with you: your child’s health, job deviation, development, sleep, posture, any breathing issues, and your child’s diet. Discussion of diet should cover not only sweets, but how your child eats at each meal, how many servings of fruits and vegetables the child eats a day, and how much dairy, protein, and carbohydrates the child consumes. All of these are important to gain an overall picture of the child’s general health.

What materials do you use? Holistic dentists particularly avoid dental amalgam, which is a material that contains a high concentration of mercury. It is often used to fill decayed teeth and is associated with a wide variety of health and environmental issues. Most holistic dentists also avoid fluoride as much as possible. Fluoride is associated with fluorosis and a number of bone problems including bone cancer. Many dentists also avoid BPA which is found in mouthguards, dental appliances, and sealants that are typically used in cavity prone areas.

How often do you do x-rays? Some holistic dentists avoid x-rays, while others take them every six months. Look for a dentist that takes a more individual approach based on history. Many holistic dentists use special machines that use sensors rather than film. These machines expose the patient to a fraction of the radiation as traditional x-rays.

Where do you stand on canals? In a root canal a decayed or infected tooth has its pulp and nerve removed. This is often a last resort prior to extracting the tooth. The tooth is cleaned and sealed. However the chemicals used are toxic and can make their way into the body. Also, in some cases, all of the bacteria may not be killed. Surviving bacteria can then lead to infection. Many holistic dentists prefer to remove severely decayed teeth rather than risk infection.


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Are Gamers Good Candidates For A Chemical Peel?

by Dentox: Botox Training

aesthetic chemical peelAs a gamer, you may spend the majority of your time indoors, sitting in the same position for hours. Contrary to previous medical theories, we now know that sitting in the same position, or doing repetitive motions actually causes tissue dehydration.. and so the appearance of your skin may deteriorate over time. It’s possible that a chemical peel can improve your skin if you’re a solid candidate for the procedure. The idea is for a chemical solution to be put on your skin which causes it to peel away similar to how a blister works. The new skin that grows to replace it is smoother and often less wrinkled that the skin that peels away, leading to a more youthful look.

So what can chemical peels help with? In general, they are used for:

– Treating wrinkles that have been caused by aging, sun damage and more.

– Reducing the visibility of some kinds of scars.

– Helping with specific types of acne.

– Getting rid of age spots, dark patches, freckles and some other kinds of skin discoloration.

– Improving the feel and look of the skin.

– Improving areas that have been damaged by excess sun exposure.

Following a chemical peel, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun temporarily. That means that wearing sunscreen after a peel is essential. If you work outside or can’t wear sunscreen on a regular basis, you may not be a good candidate for a chemical peel procedure. Any sunscreen used should say that it’s a “broad spectrum” product and for protecting against both UVA and UVB sun rays. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat after a facial chemical peel is also a smart idea.

In general, people with fair skin and light hair color are better candidates for chemical peel than people with darker complexions. In some cases, dark-skinned people can also benefit from peels, so ask your practitioner. Be aware, however, that chemical peels can cause uneven skin coloration in dark-skinned people.

Any place on your body where skin bulges, sags or has severe wrinkling is not a good choice for a chemical peel and instead might should be treated with cosmetic procedures of different kinds, like a facelift or laser resurfacing.

More information on chemical peels and other aesthetics at:

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Preparing for a gaming marathon  

Gaming marathons are absolutely amazing: staying in front of your favorite games for as long as you can physically go, and really enjoying being immersed in a totally different world. Whether you prefer first person shooters, MMOs, or something completely different, a gaming marathon can make you feel incredible – but to make it really as amazing as it can be, you need to do a little bit of preparation work beforehand. Yes, we know that is sounds boring and tedious, but in fact you will not be able to believe just want a difference it makes to the way that your gaming marathon. Here are the top three things that we think you should get ready to make your next gaming marathon the best ever:

Yes, it may sound strange, but having some toothpaste by you can make all of the difference to how you feel when you are hours into your gaming marathon. There is nothing quite as refreshing as quickly pushing toothpaste across your teeth with your finger. You will instantly feel more alert and awake. No one is really sure why, but you will definitely benefit from the extra energy that you will feel.

  1. Enough liquids.

And we don’t just mean fizzy drinks or even a couple of beers. You will very quickly be totally unable to do anything if you are not hydrated enough. That means fruit juice and water should be alternated with the other drinks that you have got together. You may need to take slightly more toilet breaks, but it’ll be worth it.

  1. Shake breaks.

Your body will thank you for it! Every half an hour, stand up, and shake absolutely every single part of you from your fingers to your toes. And then sit down again.



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Holistic Dentistry-Bringing Health to Our Homes!

Holistic ConceptLet’s face it- we’ve all had issues with dental hygiene. Either problems of our own or someone in the family, but it’s an extremely common issue. Especially with children nowadays, and especially in USA, with all the sugary snacks and sodas and candies, cavities are a commonplace issue, and trips to the dentist’s a part of routine life. But what if this was doing you and your loved ones more harm than good?

We don’t even think twice about marching to the Dentist when the dreaded spots start showing up on our children’s teeth, or our own. None of us even blink at being told we need a filling, or if it’s gone on long enough, a root canal surgery, especially in the older ones. But do we even know what goes into those fillings? Most fillings are made up of amalgamated materials- which means that they contain mercury. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that isn’t even present in the body as a micromineral. The mercury in the fillings gets absorbed and deposited in the body over a period of time, leading to chronic mercury poisoning, with initial nonspecific symptoms such as irritability, progressing to hallucinations, tremors, delirium, dizziness, migraine like headaches, ulceration of the mouth, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, chronic coughs, menstrual disturbances- it affects every system in the body. Not only does it get swallowed, but amalgamated fillings give off mercury vapor insidiously, that we inhale constantly. Definitely not something we want in our mouths for years, but dentists still put it there. And not only just us, think about the children- would we want them walking around with a toxic metal embedded in their mouth? Could we risk our children like that- subject them to something so potentially dangerous? The very thought brings shudders. Which is why, is a much better option for us.

Holistic Dentistry is a whole body approach to resolving dental issues. Holistic Dentists, referred to as biological dentists, and are committed to eliminating any practices or procedures that could potentially result in long term damage, such as issues with mercury poisoning. Instead, alternative, safer, nontoxic fillings are used that do not put the patient at risk. Holistic Dentists do not use the blanket root canal approach for all patients either, being highly wary of trapping unnecessary bacteria and possibly leading to systemic disease, a possibility all patients face but not all dentists address. Root canals are advised only as a last resort approach, and other methods of controlling gum disease nonsurgically are employed. In addition, the whole body approach aims at targeting possible long term effects of gum disease as well, like diabetes, osteoporosis, infants born with low birth weight, and issues with digestion, all of which have been linked to it. At the same time, Holistic Dentistry incorporates both traditional herbal healing with modern medicine, using time tested practices like acupuncture and known herbal remedies in place of loading patients with potent painkillers that have a host of side effects of their own. Instead, healing is drawn simultaneously from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, while incorporating it with modern Western medicine, for the patient’s maximum benefit.

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Chipped Teeth Make for Cranky Homes!

chipped toothChipped teeth make for the worse kind of chips. Okay, that’s a horrible joke. But chipped teeth can make for the most surprising events. Say you’re eating something hard, or biting into something tough, and you can hear that ominous ‘crack’ inside your mouth. Or you’re playing ball with your children, and the stray one hits your face. In fact, children end up with chipped teeth from sports injuries even more, because of all the rough housing. Added to this is the fact that teeth are much weaker after being subjected to age, which makes them weaker naturally, especially if you have a history of having cavities or tooth decay, or being a chronic smoker or alcoholic. All these factors add up for the older family members, till something even as innocuous as half boiled corn off the cob, or ice cubes, can chip your teeth.

So, what next? You might not be inclined to take a chipped tooth too seriously, especially if it’s not visible. But having a sharp edged tooth at the back will constantly irritate the delicate inner lining of your mouth, giving rise to ulcers, which can potentially turn into malignant cancers of the buccal mucosa. And if it’s in front, then the unsightly chipped tooth peeks out every time you open your mouth- and that look only looks good on little kids. Not just that, but the chipped tooth is a potential site for infection to start, as the nerve endings may be exposed, leading to infiltration of the pulp cavity by bacteria, and abscesses and excruciating pain. Fortunately, the solution for a chipped tooth is relatively simple. for small chips that do not involve the pulp cavity of the tooth, or take off the whole top, dentists generally ‘bond’ the tooth. In Bonding, they reconstruct the missing chip out of a polymer based resin and then harden it onto the tooth using UV light, so that it looks the same as the rest of your teeth. If the chip is superficial, then a simple veneer can take care of the surface. If the top of the tooth is partially still there, then dentists can put in a cap or crown. Crowns are coverings for the top of the tooth. Metal crowns are the most long lasting kind, but ceramic and porcelain and resin crowns are also available, that look more natural. Which one you need, can be discussed with your dentist, depending upon your requirements. If the entire top of the tooth is lost, then dentists can perform a Root Canal Surgery, in which they replace the missing core of the central pulp cavity, and anchor and fix a cap or crown on top of it. Root canal surgeries are longer and pricier than getting caps, but if the pulp cavity has been exposed or is infected, then they are the best option for you, as the dentist will have to clean out all the infected debris from the cavity, and pack it, to prevent any recurrent infections or spread of infection. While this may seem a painful procedure, and children might be nervous about it, the whole thing is performed under anesthesia, so there won’t be any sensation, except maybe for a little residual numbness. But the fact remains that chipped teeth should not be neglected, whether they’re ours or our children’s. Healthy teeth make happy homes, always!

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