Time for a New Door? The Many Faces of Sliding Glass Barn Doors.

sliding door demoYou’ve done your research and want to check out a glass barn-door. You have an idea of where you want it to go and even have the hardware, but the door design itself is still in question. Choosing glass has a lot of positive attributes like being:

  1. anti-bacterial
  2. offers durability in high foot traffic areas
  3. will resist scratches
  4. offers UV protection

But then again cleaning glass can be a pain so it can take away from the upside. Here’s what you can do to spruce up your privacy and add that layer of extra separation between spaces. Adding something known as “glass services” can buff up the appeal of your glass door look! A few options that come along with decorative glass services include:

  1. back-painting
  2. etching
  3. laminating
  4. glass printing

The following are all excellent options to consider adding to your sliding glass barn door, but none of them are without their ups and downs (for more detailed suggestions, we recommend reaching out to knrslidingdoorsculvercity.com).


You might also call this style “frosted” glass barn doors which gets its name from the appearance of the etching. This is a very common option which offers you cost efficiency, privacy, and comes with an abundance of opacity choices from transparent, a bit hazey, fully opaque, etc. Did you know that oils from finger prints, stains and foreign substances can get lodged into the pores of the doors etching. Don’t let little Billy smear his play do all over the door because it may be difficult to get out of certain etchings! Going with an acid etched panel or frosted laminate will be a better option for people who need access to both sides of the glass.


What is laminated glass? Basically, it’s when you take two pieces of glass, stick something between the two panes like a custom printed film or opacity layer, and then “back” it all together. Once the glass has been backed it has become one large panel of glass bonded together by a decorative in-between layer. All cars have laminated windshields for example. Windows in high rise buildings often have these laminated windows. It’s hard to tell if most windows are laminated thought because unless you check out the side of the glass and notice the seam between the two panels. You can choose from a wide variety of laminated options such as: interlays that have been custom printed, opacity interlayers which are very similar in appearance as frosted glass, as well as gradients.


Many offices and corporate environments are using printed glass. Highly recommended for anyone in real need of a printed design, a continuation of an organizations company, culture, or brand, sticking with a particular design theme throughout a space. If you can’t laminate then consider going the way of glass printing!


In the same way that printed glass does well in offices and corporate settings, back-painted glass thrives as well. Usually back-painted glass is one color over the entire glass panel. Applying masks can create borders or patterns if you want to walk on the wild side.

Reference: http://knrslidingdoors.com

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Sliding Barn Doors – Adding Warmth to the Bedroom

barn door photoWhen considering how to use a barn door inside a design space the first thing to consider is whether you’ll be putting it in the bedroom. Your bedroom will take on a more inviting and rustic feel to it by adding a sliding door. The adaptability of sliding barn doors and deep abundance of styles available make them an even greater jewel than they are. A rustic, traditional, or modern contemporary looking bedroom could accommodate a customizable option like a barn door. Getting creative and being aware of the visual appeal that a wooden barn door offers your room will get you capitalizing on the best texture and color for you.

Keeping the rest of your rooms simple and straightforward can fly by adding bright and neutral colors. Finding your own personal style and mixing it with favorites that you find along the way make choosing a barn door much more fun! Sliding barn doors can be a perfect addition to your room and are happy to share the space with hanging lights, rugs, tables, and nightstands alike!

Look Natural! 

Making an interior barn door look natural in a bedroom is not as tall as an order as one might think. When the door to an interior design project shares similarities to the ceiling beams or flooring you can work to match things accordingly. Maintaining a cohesive look is a big key to displaying your barn door to your friends and acquaintances. If you want to be subtler then you can always draw less attention to yourself by painting the door a neutral color like white. Anything to lessen the stand out effect will be about blending things together harmoniously. If you do want to stand out though consider two sliding doors instead of one.

Double sliding doors will pop out in people’s minds as being different and can still give you that rustic charm! Not only for large open spaces, sliding barn doors can be used for small bedrooms for that extra measure of rustic beauty.

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