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Holistic ConceptLet’s face it- we’ve all had issues with dental hygiene. Either problems of our own or someone in the family, but it’s an extremely common issue. Especially with children nowadays, and especially in USA, with all the sugary snacks and sodas and candies, cavities are a commonplace issue, and trips to the dentist’s a part of routine life. But what if this was doing you and your loved ones more harm than good?

We don’t even think twice about marching to the Dentist when the dreaded spots start showing up on our children’s teeth, or our own. None of us even blink at being told we need a filling, or if it’s gone on long enough, a root canal surgery, especially in the older ones. But do we even know what goes into those fillings? Most fillings are made up of amalgamated materials- which means that they contain mercury. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that isn’t even present in the body as a micromineral. The mercury in the fillings gets absorbed and deposited in the body over a period of time, leading to chronic mercury poisoning, with initial nonspecific symptoms such as irritability, progressing to hallucinations, tremors, delirium, dizziness, migraine like headaches, ulceration of the mouth, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain, chronic coughs, menstrual disturbances- it affects every system in the body. Not only does it get swallowed, but amalgamated fillings give off mercury vapor insidiously, that we inhale constantly. Definitely not something we want in our mouths for years, but dentists still put it there. And not only just us, think about the children- would we want them walking around with a toxic metal embedded in their mouth? Could we risk our children like that- subject them to something so potentially dangerous? The very thought brings shudders. Which is why, Holistic Dentistry is a much better option for us.

Holistic Dentistry is a whole body approach to resolving dental issues. Holistic Dentists, referred to as biological dentists, and are committed to eliminating any practices or procedures that could potentially result in long term damage, such as issues with mercury poisoning. Instead, alternative, safer, nontoxic fillings are used that do not put the patient at risk. Holistic Dentists do not use the blanket root canal approach for all patients either, being highly wary of trapping unnecessary bacteria and possibly leading to systemic disease, a possibility all patients face but not all dentists address. Root canals are advised only as a last resort approach, and other methods of controlling gum disease nonsurgically are employed. In addition, the whole body approach aims at targeting possible long term effects of gum disease as well, like diabetes, osteoporosis, infants born with low birth weight, and issues with digestion, all of which have been linked to it. At the same time, Holistic Dentistry incorporates both traditional herbal healing with modern medicine, using time tested practices like acupuncture and known herbal remedies in place of loading patients with potent painkillers that have a host of side effects of their own. Instead, healing is drawn simultaneously from traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, while incorporating it with modern Western medicine, for the patient’s maximum benefit.

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